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LED Strip Lights for Roofs: GTA Homeowners Are Ready to Celebrate Any Occasion

 There’s no easier way to change the mood and theme of a space for the holiday season then adjusting the lighting. This applies to both your interior and exterior, where high-quality lighting systems provide you the flexibility to alter your lights depending on the time of day, season and celebration. Adding permanent LED strip lights for Toronto homes is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners grow tired of stringing Christmas lights year-after-year and seeking safer alternatives to decorating their exteriors. 

There are a number of reasons LEDs are a better alternative to traditional string lights or incandescent lighting systems and hiring a professional permanent Christmas light installer can help you benefit from them even faster. 

Here are some of the benefits that homeowners can enjoy with permanent Christmas lights after hiring a professional installer:  

1. Energy Efficient & Weatherproof Bulbs

A state-of-the-art LED lighting system will keep your home shining brilliantly for many years to come, and not just during Christmas time. Each meter of LED strip lighting only consumes 4.8W and provides 324 lumens of illumination. With its low voltage modules, these LED strip lights consume far less energy compared to traditional string lights. While the upfront cost of installing LED lights may be more than stopping by your local hardware store for a box of string lights, that investment will see its return through your energy bill savings. In addition, its polycarbonate lens and aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes them durable to extreme weather conditions from season to season. You won’t need to worry about these bulbs falling off in heavy winds or underperforming in sub-zero temperatures. Your permanent light installer will help you choose the exterior lighting options that best accent the features of your home and offer you with awesome lighting recommendations that can be used to light up your home all year round. 

2. Environmentally Conscious

Traditional light bulbs and tube lighting are often assembled using harmful materials like mercury. As a result, they can be difficult to dispose of safely depending on your local recycling facility’s capabilities. LED lights not only last longer, thus require less frequent replacing, but are also constructed primarily with electronic components and recycled similar to any old electronics. You can also feel good knowing your festive lights are energy efficient, thus contributing less to our overall power grid and doing less harm to the environment as a whole. 

3. Customizable and Programmable from Your Phone

One of the key benefits of a permanent LED lighting system is the ability to program your lights directly from your smartphone. Gone are the days of scaling the ladder to change bulbs or string new lights for a new look. With countless of options to choose from, your only conundrum this holiday season will be deciding whether to keep things classic with red and green or be non-traditional with an eye-catching purple winter wonderland.  

But it’s not just limited to celebrating Christmas
Unlike Christmas string lights, which are only useful for a few months in a year, LED strip lights for roofs in the GTA can be used to celebrate various events and milestones. A few ideas include:

  • National holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Canada Day, where coloured lights add the perfect finishing touch to your festive décor 
  • Supporting your local high school sports teams with their team colours or gearing up to cheer on the Toronto Maple Leafs with a blue and white light show
  • Give your home a spooky touch during Halloween to make sure your neighbourhood trick-o-treators don’t miss stopping by your pumpkin-hued home
  1. Hiring a professional Permanent Christmas light installer in Toronto can take the stress away from the installation process and help you celebrate any occasion with unique LED lighting options.